Cal .338 (8,6mm)

Hunting Expandable

These bullets are made to expand from 700-850m/s on impact, and in this velocity range, they generally have a residue percentage of 95-100%. The bullets work excellent above these velocities, but the wings then tend to fragment and leave the mushroom.

We have designed the bullets so they have a long body, so when the blades leave the bullet, the bullet's body will continue and work as a solid, penetrating deep and in most cases through the body of the aminal. The blades leave the body when the bullet has "over mushroomed" inside the animal's body cavity, creating massive trauma in the lungs and heart area.

We feel the fragment bullet strategy is the best one for effective harvesting animals. We know many of you want a perfect 95-100% residue bullet, and you will get that in the correct velocity range the bullet is designed for. Many of you reloaders want the bullets to go as fast as possible, so you must expect a fragmented deep penetrating bullet.